May 9, 2015

Some COM for you - Chapter 3

We finished Chapter 2 having registration-free COM working, but having 3 files (.dll, .tlb and .manifest) instead of single .dll. Now, it's possible to embed both .tlb and .manifest into .dll.

Here's the recipe.

May 3, 2015

Some COM for you - Chapter 2

In which Tigger COM is unbounced

...what they should do is take Tigger on a long walk to somewhere where he won't know where he is, and then leave him there, and when they go back to find him the next morning 

he will have learnt his lesson and been unbounced.
A. A. Milne

We ended chapter 1 having working Delphi - .Net interop via COM, but with one unfortunate issue - a need to register a library on every machine with absolute path. A solution for this would be to use Registration-free COM also known as Side-by-Side COM. This chapter is how to make it work, and though it worked in the end, the whole process is a bit thorny and winding and fragile and... well, it's possible to make it work still.

Rube Goldberg coffee machine by Dina Belenko