Oct 5, 2011


Well, yes. Documentation. You know that you have to write it for your code, but you never write it, because it's soo boring. And when you have to deal with other's code, you blame them for not writing the documentation.

OK, all clear, next post please.

Well, if you are still here, that's what I wanted to say. There are many huge projects done by serious companies with lots of the documentation. And it's clear that they spent lots of time on documenting all and every public function. But still they are doing it in a wrong way! Lots of documentation is not great by itself!

Mar 12, 2011

Rewrite or not rewrite

When I first read Joel on "Things You Should Never Do", I thought that though he's mostly right, there are things that can be argued.. It was long ago and forgotten, until recently I've read "Why rewriting code can be startup suicide" article by Steve Blank and it reminded me of that matter. So here are my 2 cents.

In a perfectly designed world—one with no history—we would not have to suffer everything from hemorrhoids to cancer.
Neil Shubin

Feb 27, 2011

GAE, cookies and everything

The reason I'm posting this is because I think the solution we found could be useful for others.. So here's the story.

Some time ago we were trying using Google App Engine to create some king of a web-crawler. And pretty soon we have found that doing HTTP requests to other sites with GAE is not a piece of cake. It's more like a piece of something less tasty...